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White or Black bulb at hair root tip?

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by devastated, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. devastated

    devastated Guest

    Hi, I have a question. When I was massaging my scalp last night, a hair came out at the root and it had a white tip (and it was a short hair). Later I was wondering and I pulled a hair out from the back of my head where it is still normal and it had a black tip...What is the difference? If I remember correctly most all of the hairs I have ever seen that have ever come out by the roots my whole life have had the white tip, so why is it black in the area where I am not having a problem? I tried to search the internet for info on hair roots but I am not getting anything useful...Anyone know? Thanks, D
  2. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Mine all have a white tip but very small can hardly see it ...

    I pulled out a healthy hair from teh top of my head and it had a a thcik whiteish tip but wiht a black root ! ...

    all the hairs I lose have a white club like end
  3. valley23

    valley23 Guest

    What does the white bulb at the end mean?? All of the hairs I lose have that as well.
  4. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    whit bulb at the end means that the hair is in telogen, i.e. already dead as in not growing anymore...hair grows for 2-4 yrs, and if you pull it out during this stage it doesn't have a white bulb, as it's still inside the hair shaft...then the hair stops growing and goes into catagen for 2-4 weeks, where it moves the white bulb outside the shaft, separating from the folicle...finally, the hair moves into telogen for the next 2-3 months...at this point the white bulb is completely out...then in a normal situation, a new hair from underneath starts pushing the telogen hair out till it falls out...in Androgenetic Alopecia type of situation, when there's no hair growing underneath the hair remains in telogen till it's pulled out either during hair washing/brushing...or if you pull on it...hence we see more hair come out during washing/brushing
  5. wyonna

    wyonna Guest

    what does the black bulb mean

    I had some black blubs also. after my hair transplant
  6. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I think the black tip is a hair that is still growing. Every once in a while I'll accidently yank one out and want to kick myself. I also every so often get one of my really wire thick strands of hair that has no bulb on the end. Some strands of hair have weak places in them near the root and tend to break off right at the bulb.
    My believe is that everyone ( healthy scalps or not) have a little of everything going on, inclusive of the weird stuff. The only reason we notice, now, is because we're so focused on our hair. Someone once posted a link to a place that discussed all of the hair things that can happen and like five of them applied to me. Well, I can't have five different issues ( ok, I guess I could LOL) I just think that with the 100,000 or whatever strands... it's likely that no matter what, you're going to have a weird one ( or one hundred) in there somewhere.
  7. wyonna

    wyonna Guest

    tranplant hairs

    you know after I sent in my question I remembered it was my transplant hair that had the black bulb. i know the doctor said i would lose most of the trams hair and then they would grow back. so maybe it is hair that is still growing....i hope i didn't lose to many good ones......i asked again after the trans plant and the office girl said it was blood on the bulb...who knows like you said we notice every hair not on our head LOL
  8. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Re: tranplant hairs

    Goodness yes! I've gotten so good, I notice OTHER PEOPLE'S loose strands of hair... I have to sit on my hands not to pick them.
  9. wyonna

    wyonna Guest


    Your funny I needed that laugh LOL :lol:
  10. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Re: LOL

    Thanks :oops:
    It's my saving grace. If I don't laugh I think I'll end up being curled up in a corner somewhere.
  11. wyonna

    wyonna Guest

    I notice everyones hair now

    i judge my hair by others now~ It's sick~And there is a large amount of us out thier in the world with thin hair. I never noticed it before but now I do. I understand about the hiding part and I do not look in the mirror like i use to...do not want to see it....Yea we have to try and make to best of it. What do you think of this
    someone posted it on another post

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