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Who has a bonded system (like, the shave some hair type)?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by sessa555, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. sessa555

    sessa555 Guest

    How many girls do we have here who have Hairclub/Ferrell/similar bonded systems? How do you like them? What are the pro's & con's? I'm trying to figure out if shaving some of my hair off for a bonded piece would be traumatizing or just a huge relief.
  2. stillhopeful

    stillhopeful Guest


    Honestly, shaving your head would be a little bit of both, but mostly it would be worth it b/c when you're wearing the hair, which will be most of the time you wont see the shaved head. The only time you see it is when you remove the piece and reattach it that same day.

    I remember whenh i took the plunge and they shaved my hair. I had been wearing the hair over my own "few strands" and we all agreed it would be easier and more comfortable to shave the hair down. At 19 years old it was pretty traumatic, but once I was wearing the hair it made up for all those past traumatic experiences with hair loss and gave me confidence I never thought I would regain.

    Hang in there and stay in touch[/quote]
  3. starryVA

    starryVA Guest


    I wanted to look into bonding and was wondering if your hair system would be considered a topper or a wig, or a 3/4 topper (like MiamiGirl has). I'm going to ask this in MiamiGirl's thread later as well: Do you just shave the perimeter, kind of like a halo where the edge of the monotop would be, and then cut the hair within the halo real short so it can stay tucked in underneath the monocap?

    Thanks a lot!!
  4. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Hi there Still hopeful

    I wanted to know aswell as I am intersted in this option did you take t off daily ??

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