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Wig questions for Mia

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by leslielam, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. leslielam

    leslielam Guest

    Hi Mia-
    I haven't posted for awhile but since then I have bought 2 wigs from a wonderful lady who owns a Wig shop in KC called Doris' Wig Boutique. What a great, compassionate, personable lady too! I have 2 short wigs, both by Rene of Paris, both Amore line. One's a lace top and the other is a mono type top. I love them both. The mono is a little longer and a little lighter than the other so it looks like my hair grew out and i hi--lighted it.

    I wondered what your opinion was on this brand of wigs. I still wish they had more to choose from in the mono tops. I also found Rene of Paris website and it threw me into another called Wigsalon.com. I thought about ordering another wig from them but hesitate because I don't know if they're legitament or not. They actually charge the same amount on my mono wig as the wig store but the other wig was about $50 cheaper online. Rene of Paris also doesn't have much selection in human wigs either.

    I would like your opinion on other wig brands since this is the only one I know of and have used. I paid $160 for the wig that's not mono and $250-260 for the mono wig.

    Thanks for your reply,
    Leslie M.
  2. Rue627

    Rue627 Guest

    check out namebrandwigs.com Best prices I have seen on the web. You can also return them if you don't like them. I have several wigs from Rene of paris and I love them all. I get compliments on them all the time (I got less with my real Hair). I think they are also very comfortable to wear all day as well.

  3. leslielam

    leslielam Guest



    Thks for you reply. I'll check out that website. I do love Rene of Paris wigs.

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