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  1. Fionnuala

    Fionnuala Guest

    Are they easy to wear?!
    Are they comfortable?

    Due to my huge loss of hair-im almost bald and so a wig is obviously my only answer.
    How do I go about obtaining a wig?!
    Just go into a wig shop in Manchester and pick a wig that I really like the look of - is it that simple?!

    Will it fit my head?!

    Can someone please help me out here because im so scared-as this all happened so fast!!

    Thank you

  2. susannah

    susannah Guest

    Hey Fionnuala

    I'd say a good thing for you to do would be to have a word with Sally Turney. Sally is brilliant and posts on here. Unfortunately I know that she is out of the UK until 1 November - I wonder if she has access to www whilst she's away ? Just from my own minimal research, I'm sure a more knowledgeable woman will happen along soon...but a wig may not be your only option, there are other ways to cover up. I wonder if the stress of starting Uni in a strange place is making your hair fall out ? Perhaps once you've settled in ( now that's going to be harder for you - life's such a bummer, sometimes ) things will settle down ?

    If your crappy GP ( don't see him again honey, walk with your feet ) would just do some blood tests, you might find you're anaemic or have thyroid problems, and once rectified perhaps your hair will grow back ? You need a diagnosis first, not a mumbling muppet...isn't there a pastoral office who could point you in the direction of a more useful GP ?

    (((Fionnuala))) try not to worry. Lots of folk will give you this advice, but right now, it's quite important that you try. We're here for you and will listen to you vent, if you need to, and give you a cuddle if you need one. You need to know why your hair is falling out and in the meanwhile, the weather's changing and a beanie hat covers many secrets and is loads cheaper than a wig.

    Take care

    Susannah :)
  3. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Have you been on wig support ?? I can also give you a name of my friend Sarah who is from Bristol ? she has just gone into wigs
  4. wukkel

    wukkel Guest

    what I know about wigs so far

    You seem to be a step ahead of me - or that is you are braver and have taken that step but soon I too will need to look for a wig. I joined wig support but have not made that step to go there yet - still a bit scared and overwhelmed.
    So far what I know is that it is best to get a human hair (natural) wig (human hair monofilament wig) - people say that it can stay on no matter what activity you do, although many people have said that the pressure on your head may give you headaches.
    Normally people go to..I'll call them 'wig salons' that specialize in people with hair loss and then get their scalp measured, when the wig comes in about a week later, they come back to have it styled the way they want it and off they go. Alot of people say they have found new freedom wearing a wig and I hope that's the way it is for me - I'm so tired of becoming depressed at every new bald spot or hair that falls out !
    I hope this helps and kudos to you for taking that step - hang in there and let us know how things turn out

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