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Wigs or peices

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by ScaredSally, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Guys I am not quite there yet but what I wanted to say is what happens if you have overall thinning ..ie not just on the top ... I currently have extensions but I am thinning so quick .. i would want to go down the bonded hair peice route... what I Wanted to know is can they make a peice that covers most of the head and not just a topper !!!!! just having a mini panic attack as per usual !
  2. Peony

    Peony Guest

    Sally--I think that they can. I'm not sure who in the UK, but I believe that you can find what you need, and that you will look great, and more importantly, FEEL great.
  3. sessa555

    sessa555 Guest

    I have extreme overall thinning but my topper hides it all completely. I honestly did not believe that it would until it was on my head! There really is a ton of hair on those little topper pieces.
  4. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Oh thansks sessa I so badly want some more hair .. I could cry today ... I have just started seeing a guy from my work and its going well :lol: ....but I seem to be losing more and more hair daily .. he likes to play wiht my hair (I have extensions) but I get quite flappy when he does it ...

    I just want to have hair that as you say feels great .. mine feels so crappy all the time .. I am just getting mega down today .. wont be long until this guy finds out and dumps me :cry:
  5. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    But Sally, he may not. He may not care about your hair. :::hugs:::
  6. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    Oh my God Sally, you are brave that you let him touch your hair. Every time my significant other goes to touch my head, I duck.
  7. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    Sally, please don't think 'that'...really...don't 'expect' him to be that incensitive...please, give this guy a chance...dating a co-worker is risky *i am just about to marry my ex-coworker so i know*...if he bothered to take the risk, he probably won't be scared by some dead proteins...Be strong girl!
  8. valley23

    valley23 Guest

    Sally -
    If a guy is stupid enough to dump a wonderful person like you over some stupid hair, then he's not worth your time and you can do sooo much better!

    But like Krapiva said, give him a chance. You may be happily surprised!
  9. Peony

    Peony Guest

    Sally...if I may offer some advice about telling a guy about your hairloss situation....he will take your lead as far as how emotionally you reveal your thoughts about your hair. If you offer it up as no big deal, a pain cosmetically but you'll get a great wig and look even better, bummer about life but it could be so much worse, blah blah blah... then he will be more likely to accept it as no big deal. Hold your cards, don't let him see how much emotional pain this has caused you, and you can pass it off as just another thing women have to do to be beautiful.

    Men can handle the hairloss thing, i think, as long as they don't see how much it destroys you emotionally...that's just my observation based on my own experiences and what i've read around this board. guys can love us without hair (or with less of it than we might have originally had) but they can't deal with the ongoing emotional trauma that it causes. they only have so much sympathy/empathy about it. they don't understand what it does to our self esteem, and they take constant cues about how to view us based on their assessment of how WE view ourselves. Show him your strenth--how beautiful YOU are based on not only yourself and your personality but also your character, and that is what he will see.

    so those are my thoughts. good luck and you know i hope for the best (for all of us). -peony
  10. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    Peony, you're SOOO right...I can tell you my guy has been through every emotional stage of this battle...rolling hairballs in the shower, counting hair...every website i've been to, every doctor...and let me tell you something, it's taking it's toll on him...he is becoming more distant...i even had to bring it up yesterday...he said that it's been lasting for soo long that he is soo immensly tired of it...and just wants to put a bit of a distance and relax...and i know he really does love me...

    so i need to take Peony's advice and try to become this brave strong woman, for who hairloss is just another cosmetic thing to take care of...

    i should admit, there're 'moments' over the last 2 weeks when i feel 'strong'...but most of the time, i am still very down...we should have a thread on here about how to take our minds off hair, if it's at all possible...
  11. Peony

    Peony Guest

    depression is, after all, one of the least attractive qualities we look for in a mate--and that includes myself, of course. so i have to apply it to me. sometimes i feel like i'm hiding my despair but then i realize that just because i feel it does not mean i have to express it to my guy all the time. if he knew how i really felt, would he even want to be with me? but at the same time, if i don't spend a lot of time thinking about how sad i am, am i really that sad? we create our own realities and we can pull ourselves out of depression just as we can drag ourselves deeper and deeper into one...

    having hair helps a lot. facing the mirror every day, multiple times a day will make a person go crazy...and i am not joking. that is what we are facing when we watch our hair go down the drain. seeing myself look pretty, and not having to be paranoid about people looking at my thinning hair has made all the difference in my ability to begin to move on and address my issues. do not wait! do not waste a moment more than necessary mourning the loss of your hair! it f***ing sucks, and we all know it, but don't let it take more than a chunk out of who your really are. it is true that the way we deal with this problem--just as we deal with every problem in our lives--has more to do with our character than the actual problem itself.

    i joined this board in january at a particularly low point. everyone who posts on this board has helped me to move forward more than anything else i have found. thanks, by the way. y'all know who you are.
  12. CandyBooks

    CandyBooks Guest

    Krapiva and Peony, you have both said some very insightful things about men and how they react to women's hairloss, especially their girlfriends/fiancees, wives, loved ones. My own husband has patiently put up with my extreme depression, hysteria, and loss of confidence for over 12+ years (don't you think he should be canonized (sp?)! He always has continued to be attracted to me, never considered leaving, and never got mad.

    But what you said is true. The most painful thing for him to watch was my loss of confidence and inability to have fun. He still wouldn't care if I went out with my "natural" hair (or what's left of it it :evil: ) or if I went out totally bald. He loves my wigs, but not because of how they make me look. He loves them because now I am happy again. I like to have fun, go out, dress up, do things with a smile on my face! I hardly talk about my hair other than to express concern about what could be causing it medically, since the shedding is WORSE than ever. If I didn't have these wigs, I would be a basket case. He is so happy that he doesn't even care about the obscene amount of money I spend on these things. Selfishly, I never really thought too much about the toll it was taking on him, but in retrospect, I love him even more for such unconditional support.

    Of course, I don't think my situation is ideal. Sometimes I feel so surreal wearing a wig. It's like I have some kind of "secret" or something. But whenever I feel unsure about it, I hear this voice (in a Brooklyn, NY accent) that says, "Well, you could look like this (with beautiful hair) or like Friar Tuck's twin sister. Which do you pick?" and it makes me feel better. I also feel that writing about this helps, since I can't believe how much hell I have gone through because of this for SO MANY years. Just to have achieved any happiness at all, when I thought everything was lost, seems like a miracle of momentous proportions to me.

    Krapiva and Peony, your boyfriends sound so nice. It sounds like you could have three heads and they would still be in love with you! I hope you find something -- anything -- that makes you feel better and that you, and everyone in this condition, somehow has a great day!

    BTW, Peony, how do you like your Kiki topper? The pictures of the Kiki hair look so beautiful. Is it comfortable?
  13. susannah

    susannah Guest

    Don't worry Sally !

    Go back and hve a look at Jackie...here she is http://www.wattzinternational.co.uk/testimony_c.htm

    Jackie's piece is no bigger than a skull cap and look how her hair loss is masked by these wonderful pieces. Chill Sally and start saving up !

    Mine's coming soon and I'm counting the days...

  14. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Wow I had the weekend wiht no computer and came back to these lovely responses .... thanks guys :lol: you certainly made my monday morning a bit brighter !!

    Your right ... I let him touch my hair but I try not to flinch too much .. he is a very gentle soul so I trust him .. when I get round to telling him about my hair loss I will certainly be confident as you say and even though its breaking me will say how I am looking forward to bigger better hair !!!

    I spent the weekend wiht him .. and he is totally lovely :lol:
  15. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    You go Sally.
  16. Peony

    Peony Guest

    candy, the kiki is great (check out the details in my post "my kiki topper" from about two months ago). the hair is wonderfully soft, and it really looks quite convincing. of course i look better than i pretty much ever did (although i was pretty cute at 19), so people are kind of confused, but most have been placated with my "fabulous haircut" explanation. (i hope). it is not BS or a marketing scam--everyone who raves about their kiki on this site--amy, merry, me--are all raving b/c it is a great piece that will make you look and feel 100% BETTER. and candy, i agree--my BF loves the hair because I am so much happier in it. if you have any more questions about it, let me know.

    with regards to comfort--yeah, it's okay. a lot more comfortable than cleaning up horrible toppik fibers every day and worrying about THAT. sometimes the clips pinch at my hair, and pull them out a bit (those hairs grow back!), so you have to move the clips around every couple of months. I even sleep in it when i sleep w/my guy, so its not too bad, but sometimes it does get a bit uncomfortable. Usually i can just forget it. But it's not so hot as a full wig, which is good since i sweat a lot on my face, and i wear it clipped very close to my head to get it to look real, so it may pinch on me more than some. Overall, i wouldn't trade it for a minute. I'm going to go with a topper as long as I can, and probably bond a topper before i would wear a full wig--too hot!
  17. SallyTurney

    SallyTurney Guest

    Sally, yes, ANYTHING Is possible. You can have a piece/unit/topper/system in any size from a five pence piece to a full head. Just choose your company well!
  18. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Thanks Sally ... I am going to have to ask about my hairline its a mess I am freaking out today ... stanidnig on tube under bright lights with this guy and I was so so so paranoid he could see my glue bits !!

    Can they re-create hairlines do you know
  19. susannah

    susannah Guest

    Sally...talk to Sally Turney

    :D :D :D :D :D

    I have. What a smashing person. No time right now, but I will PM you later in the week. Feeling calm and IN CONTROL.

    Alopecia - HA !


  20. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Hey Susannah would love to hear from you

    PM me any time :lol:

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