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Wigs that Irritate

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by HeavenTree, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. HeavenTree

    HeavenTree Guest

    I posted this on the wig site as well, some of you may not go there.

    I have super sensitive skin and most of the time I just want to tear my wig off. I went to the pharmacy today to buy some more liquid bandage in a spray format as it helps a bit. I looked across the aisle and saw "corn pads" for those things that some people get on their toes.

    They are flesh coloured and one side is adhesive. I have some poly in my wig and a few tabs in the back so I put the corn pads inside with the sticky stuff on the wig side. It lifts the wig a bit off my scalp which makes it less itchy. Anyway, just wanted to pass this along, cheap, simple solution.

  2. KY girl

    KY girl Guest

    That is a super creative idea!
  3. Mane_Trouble

    Mane_Trouble Guest

    That is a pretty clever idea! Just wondered if your wig is synthetic since I've heard these can cause irritation. Also did you wash your wig several times already? Does comfort improve when you do so?
  4. HeavenTree

    HeavenTree Guest

    Nope, not a syn. and it's almost a year old so it's been washed many many times. I think it's just me, my skin seems to be really sensitive. I am also pregnant so this may be a factor. Everything seems to bother my skin, my current wig is a mono HH, I have a hair piece which is lace and it itches as well although not as much as the mono. Will have to wait and see what happens after the baby is born.

    Someone mentioned that I should wash my wig in an amonia wash, haven't tried this yet, not sure if I want to.

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