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Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by jazzy23, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. jazzy23

    jazzy23 Guest

    WOW!! :D I just used Dermatch for the first time.........I am stunned! I have Alopecia Areata and its starting to grow back a little, but until then, I was seriously considering a wig...which I did not want to do if I didn't have to. And I don't!!! I work with emotionally disturbed middle school students and school strats soon....you can always count on kids to point out just about anything and then pass it on! Which I know they would! Only a handful of people know I have this. Dermatch is wonderful and the spots I've been so selfconsious of for the last 5 months are not detectable, I dont have to worry about those shiny white bald spots showing through my hair.

    It works girls.....give it a try I am so thrilled I did!!
  2. jazzy23

    jazzy23 Guest

    I had posted this same thing on another site that I visit and just so everyone here knows......I AM NOT TRYING TO SOUND LIKE AN INFOMERCIAL!! I was told that (in a rude way) basically Im a "newbie" and I was pitching for the company....I was also accused of having my own products to sell to make a buck!!! Unbelievable..

    I was just excited after being depressed for months and getting a bit of the confidence back that I have lost. Goods news is worth alot to me these days....I was just sharing some...........
  3. polly

    polly Guest

    No! we need posts like this.

    You might wan't to post it on the cosmetic options section. pleased it's working for you. :)
  4. chicago2

    chicago2 Guest

    Did you try Toppick? I'm wondering if you found that any better or worse than dermatch...
  5. jazzy23

    jazzy23 Guest

    I haven't tried Toppick yet, but I am thinking ordering it just to see what I like better, or use both together....... I was out in bright sunhine all day and had a friend keep tabs on my "spots"....apparently i did ok today!
    thanks for the support!

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