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Yaz shed and recovery

Discussion in 'Medications that can cause Hair Loss' started by fireball30, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. fireball30

    fireball30 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I've never posted here before but wanted to pass this along.... I took Yaz for 3 months to shrink a stubborn ovarian cyst (which it did indeed shrink). Then I went off the Yaz, then almost exactly 90-100 days later TE set in. It has taken about 4 months of hell but now I am losing normal daily amounts of hair again (I still notice every hair, but if I count it's well within normal daily amounts). All the hair I lost is growing back so I look like a porcupine, but I just wanted to share that 1 - Yaz cessation despite its low androgenicity can cause a shed, and 2 - there is hope of it stopping and returning to normal. I know this has been the most emotionally destructive 4 months of my life, but it has brought me soo much closer to my husband who eventually understood how much anguish I was in. I think this forum is an excellent resource for taking your health into your own hands to be proactive- as sometimes it can seem like no one understands or knows how to help you out there. I do have to say though that reading the forum definately made me more depressed and focused me on all the worst case scenarios that increased my stress and probably didn't help my mental state. We all need support thats for sure, it is so hard to stay positive, get it wherever you can. As a side note, when I feel down on life for any reason I skydive, it puts the world in perspective for me :) I hope each of you finds that "release" in something to calm the nerves - regular adrenaline releases kept/keep me off AD's.

    Thanks for listening and being here to help,

  2. snyzzle

    snyzzle Guest

    Thanks for the post. My hair loss started when I started birth control one and a half years ago and they kept telling me there was no connection. And now I am thin enough that I worry about more loss if I stop the estrogen intake.
    But I agreee. Part of the time these forums just make me depressed. Other times it helps me cope just because I have someone to talk to about it. Thanks for the info. Most people if they become better don't go back to a forum like this to try to help others. And yes, it really does test your marriage. Which is strange. Not that we would leave our husbands because their hair fell out. But I do feel like if I loose my hair I will become a social outcast. Thanks again.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    there are some very helpful women on these boards who have adjusted to their hair loss.
    including beautiful bald women with Alopecia Universalis.
  4. Mirkin

    Mirkin Guest

    I was on Yaz for a year and my hair started thinning. I came off of bc three months ago and hair has good and bad days. One day it apppears the shed is better then it gets worse. My hair is half gone and Im depressed beyond belief. I want to get some kind of extensions. Im taking vitamins and eating better. Glad it will come to a end. Will never try bc again. Any advise welcome.
  5. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    What bothers me most is that doctors are aware of the hair loss side effect resulting in bc use by some women, and don't bother to disclose such information! :thumbdown2:
  6. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    I think doctors feel that hair loss is a non serious side effect. If we're not dying, it's no big deal right?
  7. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    Hairyape - did oyu ever have a biopsy?
  8. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    has your cyst come back since off yaz...?

    Ill adapted birth control pill can cause hairloss...as for theh air loss after the pill it's similar to a post partum shed and it's reversible...
    other explanation might be youhave Androgenetic Alopecia and you were already shedding before the pill in aless obvisou way, the pill stabilized the shed ,andwhen you went offall the hair you should hae lost in three months fell out more quickly.
  9. web_diva

    web_diva Guest

    I'm confused. Dr. Redmond mentioned Yaz as hair friendly. Do you think you had zinc deficiency because of it or estrogen dominance?
  10. Angela75

    Angela75 Senior Member

    Nov 20, 2007
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    Yaz and Yasmin are both hair friendly, when you are taking them. Once you come off of BC - whether it's hair friendly or not, you will most likely get a shed because of the drop in estrogen. it is like DyingCurls said... the shed you get when you come off of BC is like the shed you get after you have a baby... the drop in estrogen and the hormone shuffle will cause a shed :(
  11. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    many women have experienced hair loss while being on yas and yasmin despite the common belief that it promotes hair growth. It even says in the drug info that comes with each packet of pills that hair loss is a possible side effect.
    so you have to be really careful with using these pills if you are experiencing hair loss, they affect everyone differently.

    there is a web site called yasminsurvivors.com if you are interested in reading about this and other serious side effects of yasmin or yaz.
    i wouldn't recommend anyone take it.

    it's just been brought to my attention that the like i've provided does not work,
    my mistake, here is the actual link to yasminsurvivors for anyone interested

    http://www.createforum.com/yasminsideef ... b58bfebe37
  12. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    i think you should not generalize.
    Yasmin works very well for many pcos girls.And all BCP have side effects for godsake..it's like a med your put in you rbody..but then you have to make a choice, because it might very well work for some of us.
  13. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    I said "they affect everyone differently".? that's not really generalizing one way or the other.

    my experience was not a good one. and no one knows that there are risks associated with bcp's more than i do, that's what i'm stating.

    Too bad hind sight is 20/20. The best thing women can do is to be informed and doctors are not telling women what they need to know, partially because they are telling women that there is no way the side effects are yasmin related, when case after case shows that they are.

    and it isn't 'like' a med. It IS a medication. with very serious side effects. I'm aware that some women don't have side effects from it, but for others it is devastating.
  14. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Can you explain naprotechnology?
  15. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    Sure, i can try. Naprotechnology is a method of monitoring a womans cycle by recording what they call 'biomarkers', which are observations of the character of the cervical mucus.

    It's similar in theory to the 'rhythem method' of birth control, but is more individualized and customised to each woman.

    It is basically a way to track fertility. it can be used to avoid a pregnancy or to achieve one. It can also tell a woman alot about what is going on with her body hormonally, such as any hormone imbalances, weather she is ovulating or anovualtory, is estrogen dominant or any other imbalance.

    you work with a counselor who teaches you what the observations mean, and how to fill out the chart, which you receive when you sign up. colored stickers are assigned to each day based on what you observe.

    many women like it because it is non-chemical.


    hope that is of some help.
  16. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    it's just been brought to my attention that the like i've provided does not work,
    my mistake, here is the actual link to yasminsurvivors for anyone interested

    http://www.createforum.com/yasminsideef ... b58bfebe37
  17. Angela75

    Angela75 Senior Member

    Nov 20, 2007
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    OH MY GOD! That site makes me want to NEVER take another Yasmin pill again :(
  18. ceebee

    ceebee Guest

    Yes it is that forum that freaked me out from starting Yasmin. I've filled my rx the last 2 months, but I just can't forget what I've read on that forum :sobbing:
  19. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    well, my main concerns about the pill, specifically the one in question is the personality changes that it can cause.

    I just want anyone who uses this pill to be alert to that fact that if you notice yourself acting strange, or feeling strange, and you can't seem to control or change it, then it is highly possible that you are experiencing a detrimental effect from this pill. It really bothers me that women just don't know this, and their doctors will deny yasmin has anything to do with it.

    I lost at least 4 years of my life, struggling to find out what was wrong with me. I finally came across the above mentioned web forum and i knew right then that i had finally found the answer to my problem. One year off yasmin and most of my side effects have gone away.

    And you may not experience the side effects right away, as in my case and as many other women report, the side effects do not show themselves for up to a year. my first year on yasmin was fine. The next 4 were hellish, and the worst part was i didn't know what was wrong and I blamed myself.

    There are other more serious side effects, such as blood clots, strokes etc. I'm not trying to scare women away from the pill, I just believe that we need to be informed or we cannot make the best decisions for our health. yasminsurvivors has become a great place for women to exchange their experiences with yasmin. The fact that so many women have reported similar experiences has to hold some weight.

    Also be informed that yasmin is BY FAR, THE drug with the most reported side effects on medications.com.

    Doctors tell us this pill is great, and prescribe it without a thought, but screwing with hormones is not something to take lightly. Hormones control everything in the body.
  20. MarieErikson

    MarieErikson Guest

    I'm 20 years old, and this is the middle of my third month on Yaz. I've had some noticeable hair loss, as in more than five or so hairs coming out from one area on my head when I didn't really pull on them hard, and several times daily. It seems to go randomly, because on certain days I have less hair loss.
    I got a little concerned that my hair was thinning on the front left side of my head, but when I had my doctor look at it she said I had growth replacing the thinned area.
    She said with a lot of pills you'll get hair loss within the first three months as your body regulates to the hormone levels, so a lot of it sheds, and all starts to grow back around the same time.
    I do seem to have little baby hairs growing back along my hairline, and I trust my doctor pretty well. She's never mislead me before, so hopefully it keeps going well for me and I hope this adds some positive feeling to this thread :)

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