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Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by Goldie Locks, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Goldie Locks

    Goldie Locks Guest

    I really think there is a link between food allergies, yeast overgrowth (CANDIDA) and hair loss. Has anyone here ever looked into this themselves in relation to their hair loss?

    The reason I thought the two may be connected is because my sister had systemic candida overgrowth and experienced burning and itching skin (she had no hair loss), she went to SEVERAL doctors, but they couldn't detect anything wrong, so she suffered for months. She researched her symptoms online and found the connection between her symptoms and this candida condition. Since I also have itching on my scalp with my recent hair loss (TE) and have read that several others here on the forum have itching/burning on the scalp and hair loss, I wondered if this could also be related to candida. Also, several of the supplements that have helped those with hair loss also treat candida, like grapefruit seed extract. I have been applying the liquid to my scalp and it has helped the itching somewhat.

    And I have seen first hand the damage food allergies can cause, in many forms, throughout the body. My youngest son was very ill as an infant due to a dairy allergy (I breastfed him, but the dairy I ate came through my milk and made him VERY ill). He was diagnosed with asthma at 5 weeks of age and was put on albuterol and had horrible eczema on his face and hands to the point of bleeding. His pediatrician said he was "allergic to my breast milk" and if he didn't clear up, I'd have to give him formula... I asked if he could be allergic to something in my diet and she said yes, but that it would be "impossible" to pinpoint the cause to eliminate it. I love a challenge and I knew that breast milk was BEST for allergies, so I tried a food allergy elimination diet. Once I adjusted my diet and cut out all forms of dairy, his symptoms totally disappeared. However, If I accidentally ate anything with milk, he would start to wheeze again and broke out in a rash. While most people link air quality to asthma, I learned first hand that food can cause such allergic reactions as well. Of course his doctor thought it was her prescriptions that made him better, but I know from trial and error, it was a dairy allergy and by avoiding the dairy, he was symptom free.

    So, to me, hair loss as a result of a food allergy also makes sense. could also be why doctors can find no real cause or cure for women's hair loss, most doctors don't have much stock in food related illnesses, because they can't "test" for it, traditional skin tests do not work for food allergies.

    Here is a great website, for basic nutrition info and has a great article on candida overgrowth and another on food allergies. One symptom of prolonged exposure to food allergens is hair loss. Please check it out and see if you have any of these symptoms, besides hair loss. If so, the trial diet may be of help! I am going to try it myself, hopefully it will help to stop the TE symptoms and possibly prevent it from coming back.


    Here is the link to the list of food allergy information and symptoms:

  2. moco

    moco Guest

    Thanks for the info. I just think it would be so difficult to pinpoint a food allergy in terms of hairloss as it takes so many months to see any improvement in hair when you do something different? You know what I mean?
  3. Goldie Locks

    Goldie Locks Guest

    Yes, as far as hair growth goes. But if you truly have food allergies, you'd feel better over all in a matter of weeks. My son's symptoms were gone in 2 weeks! Gone. And feeling better would be a sign that hair health could be around the corner. I guess I like to be pro active and hope for the best, rather than doing nothing and losing more hair in the meantime. If it helps overall health, it's worth a try! Good luck.
  4. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    Yea I looked into this. I was told I had SD and lots of yeast on my face - went on diflucan for 3 mos - yeast never went away hair loss never stopped. I went on the anti-candida diet plan and lost tons of more hair and felt worse, even went the extra step of probiotics, lots of coconut oil, the whole 10 yards - it did nada. In fact I think it wore me out more and I felt much worse. But I do have to say I feel for hair loss less carbs and more protein is the way to go, and cutting out sugar can help lower androgens because of less stress on the adrenals is what im told
  5. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    To balance intestinal flora: Folic acid and Acidophilus.
  6. CarlaR

    CarlaR Guest


    I just posted a reply in another topic similar to this, In my post another reader advised to read up on DEMODEX, I did and that's when I discovered about the yeast balance, I too halp scalp pain, itching and shedding. What I am now taking is called Candid-Free the homeopathic manufacturer is VAXA. I am also shampooing with CAPEX it's a cortizone shampoo. My itching has stopped considerably and I see alot of regrowth.

    I do have a question is there a doctor that can check for yeast balance?
  7. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest


    I have heard of Capex and that it is a very good anti-inflammatory. I have often wondered about it for Seborrheic Dermatitis because yeast supposidly grow even more from steriod use.

    I am sure somehow yeast play a role, say perhaps something hormonal is off it causes a yeast overgrowth - so it certainly cannot hurt. That is awesome your growing new hairs!!!
  8. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

  9. MoonGoddess

    MoonGoddess Guest

    Hi Carla,
    I know there are ways to check for yeast overgrowth. Like Hairyape said above, there are places where you can order home kits to test for it. If you have a REALLLLLY good doctor (I am blessed to have one) she or he can order a test for you. I took a stool test and we used a lab who knows how to detect candida and parasites very well. Mine actually came back positive for candida. I've taken several stool tests for parasites which all came back negative. Good luck!
  10. hanna

    hanna Guest

    My best friend actually has severe problems with depression and her weight. Nothing, not even antidepressants, seemed to help. She went on this anti-yeast treatment her naturopath recommended and started working out with a trainer. She's so much happier and has even lost about 30 pounds. I noticed that she was losing a bit of her hair before but it looks good now (It's been at least 8 months) since she stated. All that to say, I agree with you ladies that some of this could be yeast. There's a lot of literature out there that tends to back this up. I think I may try it too.
    Oh and by the way, did you know that if you are hypothyroid, you are more likely to get yeast infections? yeah...one more joy of it.
  11. MoonGoddess

    MoonGoddess Guest

    I know the main reason I have candida overgrowth: birth control pills. They don't tell you this in the doctor's office! :badmood: Mainstream doctors don't even believe in intestinal candida. How horrible is that? I've read in several of my text and health books that bcp's are one of the main causes for yeast overgrowth, along with the use of antibiotics.
    A good book I read was The Body Ecology Diet. It's a really hard diet to follow though and it drove me nuts. I just think that a very healthy and clean diet, along with various lifestyle changes can really help.
  12. CarlaR

    CarlaR Guest

    This is comical we have to end up trying to find a diagnosis and remedy to what we have, I honestly went through terrible depression with a cheating husband and my father passing away at the same time, it took me 2 years to overcome this, I tried finding a psycologist they were all over booked or wanted to give me an appointment in 2 mo's; I almost overdosed and had to overcome it with no doctors aid. I went to 3 differrent dermatologists. The first one put some latex gloves on looked at my scalp like a mother looking for lice and said I wouldn't lose my friends over the minimal hairloss I had, the second one just did blood work ANA & the more thorough iron bllod test he said it was all ok and sent me away the 3rd one just said it sounded like eczema gave me capex & olux and sent me away. All there Dermos are too busy injecting Botox. None treat patients for what they went to college for they solve it with a prescription. THANK GOD I FOUND THIS WEBSITE BECAUSE I MAY NOT HAVE A CURE BUT I HAVE BEEN EDUCATED BY THE WOMEN ON THIS SITE!!!!! I THANK ALL OF YOU!!! And the creators of this site! :bravo: :punk:
  13. Goldie Locks

    Goldie Locks Guest

    Wow! Thank you ladies for considering this topic and not calling me crazy! :)

    My sister's yeast issues were misdiagnosed as well, she had been tested through her gyno, but nothing showed up as being positive for yeast. She researched online and found her symptoms were from yeast (vulvadynia) and started her own yeast killing regimen (the prescriptions meds only help for a short time)...not to her surprise, her symptoms improved on the natural regimen. She shared her findings online in a support group for her issue, in hopes of helping the other women that are also suffering and have no diagnoses, but was not warmly received, she was literally ignored, which is sad to think that some people would rather keep their illness rather than try something totally different to see if it would help. She has tried several natural yeast killings products, but has found the best product is actually "oregano oil" - along with pro-biotics.

    I totally agree, doctors do not even consider yeast to be a real problem that causes other REAL problems...we ingest antibiotics and hormones in our food and drinking water every day, add to that prescription antibiotics and hormones and some people have huge health problems as a result. Add a stressful situation into the mix and boom, your system can't handle it...hair loss is just one extreme symptom that can appear.

    I have been taking oregano oil myself, for about 10 days and have noticed a reduction in the amount of my shedding, to about half of what I had been losing (down from 125-150 a day to around 50-75 a day, some days even less than 50), but I haven't been taking it consistently and I also need to get some new pro-biotics...I plan to add those this week, maybe it will help decrease the shedding even more...but I have noticed I do feel better over all. Oregano oil is also a natural antibiotic (will not kill off the good bacteria like prescriptions do) and it also has anti viral properties , which is handy during this time of the year. It is available in drops (they taste horrible, but treat your entire digestive tract, from the mouth all the way through!) and they also make capsules, which is the only kind I was able to find locally.

    Also, grapefruit seed extract is good for killing yeast, as well as an anti viral and natural antibiotic, again with no bad side effects like prescriptions have (these taste terrible too, LOL). I use the "Nutri-biotic" brand of GSE drops. I have added those in occasionally as well, but I really noticed the most improvement with the oregano oil.

    I must add, my stress levels have not really improved much. We are going through a significant personal ordeal at the moment, so if stress is/was the main trigger of my TE, the shedding should not be stopping on its own any time soon...we'll see if any severe shedding starts up again in about 3 months... :whistle: If not, then I will swear by the oregano oil!!

    I'll let you all know if the hair loss continues to improve!
  14. hairyape

    hairyape Guest


    You know what very few others do about candida. Antibiotics and birth control, Intestinal function can be warped and/or destroyed after years of use and the environment it creates for our hair and scalps becomes polluted. How can we expect our hair to grow in such a contaminated ecosystem?

    Chinese medicine has believed this for thousands of years, and they managed to maintain healthy lifestyles, cure disease and prevent illness without antibiotics.

    Carla, I stopped going to doctors 2 years ago. They, like you said are only interested in pushhing meds and stacking cash on cosmetic procedures! A hollistic practitioner has had more answers for me, and they are more intent on healing the body from the inside out. I understand your frustration with doctors.

    I haven't taken anyibiotics in 3 years, and never needed to since. Moongoddess has the right idea about healthy intestinal flora. It basically starts there.
  15. MoonGoddess

    MoonGoddess Guest

    Sometimes I feel like crying b/c of all the frustration and hell I've been through regarding doctors. :shakehead: And times like right now I feel so blessed b/c I've found other people, other women, who are going through this and can give support to eachother withouth judement. So thank you all for being a support to one another.

    Hairyape ~ I agree with every word you say about healing candida, and healing the mind and body holistically. Most mainstream doctors have very large egos and still think that the patient knows nothing about her body. They still treat us like we are just physical bodies, they still don't see the wholistic connection. It's very very sad and dishearthening. I refuse to ever again see one of these doctors. I would rather pay out of pocket to see my holistic medical doctor and that is what I am doing.

    Goldielocks ~ You are definately not crazy! ;) I am happy for your sister that she was able to help herself get better but sad b/c other people with this condition were too afraid to take a different approach. Thanks for the info on oil of oregano and grapefruit seed extract. I have tried both in the past as well. One other that I want to mention is called Cat's Claw - it has the same properties as the other two oils. I used GFS extract in a nasal spray form - I really liked it. I didn't know this but what you spray up your nose also gets into your intestinal tract as well.

    Carla ~ I couldn't agree with you more! What really gets me is that when I was 18, the doctor gave me bcp's like candy. He did not educate me nor listen when I started having symptoms. I was 18 and went on the pill b/c I did not want to get pregnant. I was healthy and had healthy regular periods so I didn't think of consequenses ~ i was just trying not to prevent pregnancy and be responsible. Now, years later, it seems that those pills caused alot of damage and now when I went to these mainstream doctors for help, they shoved me away, stating I was crazy, I'm too young to be sick, I should stay on the pill b/c it prevents cancer (!!!!!) :badmood: etc. Bullshit, they don't know anything about this and they don't want to know. They want to go to work everyday, see their patients for 5-10 minutes, hand out some meds so they will be zombies and not do their own research about getting and staying healthy............arrrggghhhhh..............Oh my. I have some very strong feelings about all this b/c the very same dr's that hand out hormones, prescription meds, antibiotics, don't even think about the long term affects and send you away when you tell them you are sick b/c they just don't care.

    Sorry to go off like that but it's been a hellish nightmare. I am slowly getting better but when I think back on how I was treated by these so called medical professionals, I get so upset. And I know I am not the only person dealing with this.
    I have to learn to let this all go so I can move on with my healing. Thanks for listening!!!!!

  16. CarlaR

    CarlaR Guest

    Hi to all,

    all of you keep opeining my eye's more and more, the more I read the angrier I feel with doctors!!!! I am shocked with all I have learned through this site and site's all of you have mentioned along with you're regimens I feel so comforted everytime I see a new response from someone. Again I feel I have been reducated on certain things in this site, ladies you have made my day!!!!! :bravo:
  17. hairyape

    hairyape Guest


    If you have scalp soreness and pain, it must be related to inflamation of some sort. I would start there, and perhaps research a good homeopath in your area and explain your symptom. You might be treated quite successfully with homeopathy, acupncture, something pure and natural.

    Our bodies don't need anymore toxins!
  18. CarlaR

    CarlaR Guest

    Hi hairyape,
    I have to add something I left out that I think may be the cause or a contributer. I have to use laxatives or I can have a week or more without a bowl movement. I am thinking that since laxatives also screw up your intestines it my be that because of years of having to us them my intestines have become vulnerable and the yeast overgrowth started there. I'm sorry I don't want to sound disgusting but the day before yesterday I had to use laxatives and well yesterday I was able to have several bowl movements and what I did notice is my scalp was irritated along with itch. I have done alot of reading about yeast overgrowth and I have not all but atleast 3/4 of the symptoms described, several things that I have treated seperately or disregarded by taking 2 advil liquid gels. I am not kidding when I say that this site was a true blessing for me. I'm not a church goer but I thank god I found this site and all of you.
  19. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Oh no Carla!

    A week or more?? That would have to be addressed. Your colon is backed up, and that can cause other problems. Can you replace the laxatives with an alternate, more natural remedy, as laxatives just cause a viscous cycle of contractions and abrasions and inhibits you from going naturally. Before you know it you're hooked.

    There are foods you can get at the health food store such as breads, that have about 9 grams of fiber per serving! That a high amount. If you eat the food that makes you go you'll repair the colon and have it functioning without the synthetic quick fix.

    Also, while you are repairing your colon (which is absolutely necessary for providing a healthy environment for your scalp, take the acidophillus, and eat Stonyfield Farm plain yougurt. Add a fruit if you like. This yogurt has 8 active yeast cultures in a serving, and it's an organic food. Look for food that's high in fiber and try to get used to munching on it raw or steamed. Don't add fat, oils or butter to it (it will only back you up more). Eat clean food.

    Instead of a laxative, if you must, (which I don't think you will after all this) taake a couple of teaspoons of castor oil and a glass of beer (yes, beer) before going to bed and sleep on your left side. You will go the next morning. I got this tip from Kevin Trudeau, author of "What Doctors Don't Want You to Know".

    You poor dear!

    please stop the laxatives, they drag any nutrients out of your body and they do nothing good for your digestive system.

    Warm regards,

  20. MoonGoddess

    MoonGoddess Guest

    Hi Carla,
    Yes I agree ~ the use of laxatives are very bad. There are other natural ways to cleanse the colon. Maybe you can try some colonix ~ usually consisits of herbs and a fiber drink to help you go. There are all different kinds out there to research. There are special herbal teas made to help you go. One is called Smooth Move :shock: and I think the brand is Traditional Medicinals (not sure if that's the brand)~ which is sold at most health food stores. And yes, it works! It was a bit too powerful for me though but I am really sensitive. Also, not to sound weird but you might want to try an enema. :$ Or maybe try colon hydrotherapy. An enema you can do at home by yourself but colon hydrotherapy is where you go to a trained profesional and they set you up to remove toxins from your colon area. Colon hydrotherapy is supposed to be able to get more toxins out compared to an enema.
    You should have at least 1-3 movements per day! I remember when I was "backed up" ~ it was sooooo uncomfortable and I felt like whenever I ate it just went into my stomach and stayed there for days upon days. It was horrible and I was VERY sick. My stomach is alot better now - still not 100% but so much better.

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